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June 2021.  The Village of Kenmore has a new water program, which has been installed to provide greater security to our system.  This new system also allows for online payments.  The new system went into effect June 1st, so at present, the only customers who can use the online payment option are those in Unit I - Red bills.  For those with Blue and Green bills, you'll be able to access this service after receiving your next bill (after June 1, 2021). 

Please note that there will be a small service fee if you pay on line.  If you don't want to have any additional charges, you can pay in person, US Mail, or using the Drop Box located on the Delaware Road side of the Municipal Building. 

Also please note that all customers will have a new account number.  If your water bill is paid by a bank or other 3rd party, be sure to they have your new water account number to ensure proper credit to your account.  We've made every effort to make this changeover as smooth as possible, but please check your bill carefully and let us know if any of the information is incorrect.  For more information on Water, please check the menu on this website.  For information on paying on-line, please see Water/Pay Your Bill.




April 2020.  Kenton Meals on Wheels has been providing meals to our Seniors throughout the COVID19 crisis.  Under the leadership of Dan Wiles and Jessica Nowak, KTMOW has expanded its routes from 18 - 22 due to the increased number of clients.  Prior to COVID19, they serviced 240 customers.  Currently they are serving 315.  The number of meals increased from 1925 to 2600.  This is in addition to producing  and distributing 1300 extra frozen meals and 500 boxes containing shelf-stable meals.  With many volunteers unable to help due to COVID restrictions, KTMOW has also recruited new volunteers to maintain servicing to our seniors.  The Village of Kenmore wishes to thank everyone involved with The Kenton Meals on Wheels program for their service at this difficult time. And of course, our on-going thanks to all those essential service employees, especially those in the medical community!





March 2020.  CORONAVIRUS (COVID19) INFO.  Mayor Patrick Mang has issued a State of Emergency in connection with the Coronavirus pandemic.  At this time, all municipal buildings are closed to the public and only essential personnel are working.  All essential services continue to be provided, including police, fire, recycle and trash collection.  You are asked to make sure your trash is placed in a plastic garbage bag before placing trash in the tote.  This will help to protect our employees.

Water bills can be paid by mail or by using the drop box located on the Delaware Road side of the Municipal Building.

To close out or set up new water accounts or to schedule building/electrical/plumbing/sump inspections, please call the Clerk/Treasurer's Office at 873-5700 between 8 AM - noon.

It's so important, especially living in a densely populated Village, that we all do everything we can to avoid the spread of the virus.  This includes staying inside your home, social distancing of at least 6 feet, constant hand washing, and avoid putting your hands near your mouth, nose or eyes.  If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, please CALL your doctor for instructions and isolate yourself from your family and the public.

Please see the Announcement tab (in red) above to get more information about the COVID19 virus, including resources for small business loans, unemployment and meals.



December 10, 2019.  LEAF COLLECTION INFORMATION.  The DPW will no longer be collecting loose leaves raked onto the right of way (area between the curb and sidewalk) for this year.  Please place any leaves in your tote for collection on your regular pick up date.  Please remember that property owners are responsible for snow and ice removal from the sidewalks in front of their property.  We appreciate your help with keeping fire hydrants clear of snow.

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