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Village of Kenmore
2919 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217
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The Department of Public Works is also responsible for the removal of snow on streets in the Village of Kenmore.


In order to assist this effort, the Village Board of Trustees has adopted parking restrictions:


Vehicles are prohibited from being parked on streets from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., November 15th  through March 15th each year.  Cars left on the street during these hours will be ticketed.


You can further help our snow removal efforts by keeping your car off of the street during large snow falls, even if it is legally parked.  This allows the snow plows complete access to the roads so that as much snow as possible can be removed.




Under Village law, property owners are responsible for the removal of snow and ice (as well as maintenance and repair) from the sidewalks in front of their homes/businesses.  Kenmore is a walking community, with many students walking to school.  Your help in keeping your sidewalks clear will help keep things safe for pedestrians.


Do not throw your snow into the street. 


Fire Hydrants


During the winter months, fire hydrants are marked with poles to assist Firefighters in finding hydrants quickly in the event of an emergency.  If your home/business is located in front of, or near, a fire hydrant, please shovel out the area in and around the fire hydrant if it is covered with snow.  As you know, every second can count in an emergency!  Your help in keeping hydrants clear of snow is greatly appreciated.


Garbage Collection


Do NOT place your garbage tote and recycle bin on top of snow mounds.  Your tote should  be left on an area level with the curb.  You can either leave your tote in the driveway apron, or you can shovel out an area in front of your home/business and leave the tote and recycle box there.


What you can do to help


Kenmore is a wonderful, friendly community of neighbors.  Many of our residents have great difficulty during the winter months.  Elderly and disabled persons will have difficulty shoveling their sidewalks and bringing their garbage to and from the curb.  Please be a good neighbor and help out if you can!

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