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Village of Kenmore
2919 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217
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(716) 873-5700
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In order to maximize efficiency, the Village has adjusted its garbage schedule by eliminating the two “split routes” which had been in effect on Wardman and Kinsey. 

Please note the following changes to the Village of Kenmore Garbage Schedule:

Kinsey – all garbage is picked up on WEDNESDAYS only

Wardman – all garbage is picked up on MONDAYS only.

If you're unsure of your pick-up day, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer's Office (716) 873-5700 or the DPW (716) 875-0527 during office hours.


Collection Information for holidays:


The Department of Public Works is closed on the following days:

  • New Year's Day (or if it falls on the weekend, on the date observed)
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous People's Day (formerly Columbus Day)
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving  - The Clerk/Treasurer, Building and Court offices will also be closed the Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas (or if it falls on the weekend, on the date observed)


If the holiday falls on a Monday, collection days will be delayed one day for the entire week.

If the holiday falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, collection will be delayed one day beginning on the day of the holiday and all days following.

If the holiday falls on a Friday, there will be no change in the collection schedule, unless noted on the Announcement banner at the top of each page.

Trash/Recycle will be collected on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  


 In the event of HIGH WINDS - please do not place totes to the curb.  If your tote is out, please return if from the curb as soon as possible after your trash/recycle is collected.

Here is the new Recycle Schedule.


Your recyclables will be collected every other week.  Please place your recycle tote out on your regular collection day, depending on your street location/zone: YELLOW & BLUE.


The following streets were omitted from the schedule:


COLUMBIA BLVD                               Thursday/YELLOW

DELAWARE RD (West Side)                Thursday/YELLOW

DELAWARE RD (East Side)                  Monday/YELLOW



For information of which zone your street falls in, please click below.

For information about what you can and cannot recycle, please click below, as well.


-- Download the guidelines here --

Closures are listed here: 

None at this time.




Click here to pay your water bill online.


Download Water Application (PDF) 



How to pay your water bill


DROP IN:  We are currently accepting payments between 8 AM - 4:00 PM M-F.  Offices are opened 8 - 4 PM - pay by check or cash.  We cannot accept credit cards in the office at this time.


US MAIL:  To pay by check, mail to "Village of Kenmore, 2919 Delaware Avenue - Room 17, Kenmore, NY  14217"


DROP BOX:  Pay by check and place your envelope in the Drop Box located on the Delaware ROAD side of the Municipal Building.  Mark your enveloope "Village of Kenmore Water"


ON LINE:  You can pay your water bill on-line.  For instructions and information on how to use this feature, please click the Pay Bill feature.


Please note that there will be a service charge added to your water bill if you pay on-line.

Service charges are collected by the web service provider, not the Village of Kenmore.


 Click here to pay your water bill online.


If your payment is declined, please contact your bank’s client support. 

The number is on the back of your card.  That team will have access to the transactions and be able to diagnose the issue. 


Please don't place cash in the mail or drop box.


Low Income Assistance for your water bill


The NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance has a program for help you pay your water bill.  Eligibility is based on income. For information about this program:



GENERAL Information about your water bill


We can only open accounts in the name of the owner.  Tenants are not allowed to set up or have accounts in their name.   Only the Owner or his/her legal representative can set up a water account.


Village property owners pay a quarterly water bill, which includes metered billing for water consumption and sewer charges.


Water bills are payable to the “VILLAGE OF KENMORE” and can be paid either by mail, in person, or online at the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office during regular office hours (M-F, 8 AM - 4PM).


Click here to pay your water bill online.


Please note that penalties will be assessed for any payments received after the due date that appears on your bill. 

A service charge will be applied to on-line payments. These service charges are collected by the web service provider, not the Village of Kenmore.


Bills from the previous calendar year, unpaid as of March 1st, will be assessed against your property taxes. If payment is received after the re-levy, it will be applied as a credit on your account.  




Most residential properties have both an inside and outside meter.  Because the outside meter is exposed to the elements, this meter may slow down over time.  Since this meter is the one checked by our water meter reader each quarter, it may not be accurately reflecting your usage.  Since you are still responsible for the total usage, and to avoid a very large water bill, it's best to advise us as soon as possible as to any difference between the outside and inside meter read. 


If the meter reader notes that there has been a significant difference in your outside meter read (or if there are other indications that your meter is malfunctioning), a door tag will be left requesting you to contact the Water Department to schedule an inside read.  Please contact 873-5700 as soon as possible if you receive a door hanger.


Please note that failure to set up a water account, or to not allow interior access to your property for purposes of checking/repairing/replacing the interior meter may result in the shut-off of your water service.


The Village is in the process of installing remote readers to all interior water meters.  This will allow us to have real-time reads of your water consumption and will significantly reduce the number of times we will need interior access to your property. 


The following rates are in effect for bills issued beginning June 1, 2022.


Current Rates - effective 6/1/2023



$35/quarter      Minimal charge (first 8000 gallons) PLUS

$5.51/1000 gallons above the minimal charge.

There is also a water surcharge of $11/quarter.


$3.20/1000 gallons

There is a sewer surcharge of $24/quarter.


In addition, your bill will include "DEC/Capital" surcharge which totals $30/quarter.  For more information on this charge, please see the "What's New" section.


The Budget for the Water and Sewer funds are independent of the General Fund.  Revenues for the Water and Sewer Fund come only from water and sewer bills.  Your tax dollars are NOT used to pay for expenses attributed to the Water and Sewer funds.


Water Meters


Water meters are read once per quarter.

Any new owner will need to purchase a meter and fill out an application.  Tenants cannot set up water accounts.  We can accept applications from persons, other than the owners, only upon receipt of a Power of Attorney signed by the owner designating a representative, or in the case of the Estate, the Administrator or Executor.

If you're a new property owner in the Village, your meter charge will show on your first water bill as a New Owner fee.


Effective 6/1/2023:  $35/meter

If you are opening a new water account, this charge will be added to the first bill you receive in your name.  This is a one-time charge.




If you are moving OUT of Kenmore, you will need to contact the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office to arrange for a final meter reading and to close out your account.  We will need access to your property to read the interior meter for the final read.

If you are moving IN to Kenmore, you will need to open your account at the Clerk/Treasurer's office.  Please note, that under Village Code, only the owner (or legal representative - Power of Attorney, Executor, or Administrator) can set up the water account.  We are not allowed to open an account through a tenant or in the tenant's name.  Applications are available on line.


Sellers:  Please call the Water Department to set up your final meter reading.  This will require interior access.

Purchasers:  Please email your completed/signed application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Be sure to include the closing date.   The water department will contact you if we need to get an interior meter read. The one-time meter fee will be included on your first water bill.

Download Water Application (PDF) 


When am I billed? When is my bill due?


The Village is divided into 3 billing units.  Each Unit is billed quarterly for their water based on their meter readings.


Water bills, by law, are sent to the Property Owner, not the Tenant.  Unpaid water charges may become a lien on the property.




UNIT 1 (Red bill) - Bills go out in March, June, September and December.

UNIT 2 (Blue bill) - Bills go out January, April, July and October. 

UNIT 3 (Green bill) – Bills go out in February, May, August and November.




UNIT I (red) bills are due:   5/1, 8/1, 11/1, and 2/1

UNIT II (blue) bills are due:  3/1, 6/1, 9/1, and 12/1

UNIT III (green) bills are due:  4/1, 7/1, 10/1 and 1/1


You are responsible for paying your water bill on or before the due date.  If for some reason you did not receive your water bill, or have misplaced it, it is your responsibility to contact the water department to find out how much is due and to pay your bill on time.


What's Your Billing Unit?


UNIT 1 - RED includes:

Argonne, Charleston, Colvin, Crosby, East Hazeltine, Euclid, Hiler, Kenmore Ave East side(967 - 1373), Knowlton, Marquette, McKinley, Myron, Nassau, Parkwood, Wardman, Warren, Winchester


UNIT 2 - BLUE includes:

Allegany, Chapel, Columbia, Courier, Delaware Ave, Delaware Road, Delwood, East Girard, Elmwood, Enola, Eugene, Hoover, Keller, Kenmore Ave West side (1419 - 1881),

KenTon, Kenwood, LaSalle, Landers, Lincoln, Mang, Military (787 - 1179), Stillwell, Tremaine, West Hazeltine.


UNIT 3 - GREEN includes:

Hamilton, Kinsey, North End, Palmer, Shepard, Somerton, Tremont, Victoria, West Girard, Wabash, Washington, Westgate.


Problems indicated by your meter


Most residents have both an outside and inside meter.  If you don't have a Remote-read meter, the Village will read your outside meter once a quarter. Sometimes, the reading may indicate that there is a problem with your service (a leak, faulty meter, etc.) or a problem with your meter.

When this occurs the Village will leave a tag requesting you to call to schedule an appointment to read your inside meter.  It is very important that you call the Village right away so that we can identify the problem as soon as possible.  Failure to provide inside access to your meter may result in the termination of your water service.


Common reasons for higher water consumption include: problems with your toilet, leaky faucets, watering your lawn or garden, filling a pool. 


We strongly recommend routinely checking your water meters (inside and outside) to ensure that your meter reads are accurate and that you are being charged for correct consumption.  Simply check the outside meter against the inside meter read and contact the Water Department as soon as possible to arrange for an inspection of your equipment if these meter readings do not match.

If the Village has installed a remote-read meter inside your home, you don't need to compare your inside to outside meter as the outside meter was disconnected as part of this installation.


Location & Mailing Address


Clerk/Treasurer’s Office – Room 17

2919 Delaware Avenue

Kenmore, New York  14217


Office Hours:  8 AM - 4 PM M-F  


Phone and Facsimile


Telephone:       (716) 873-5700

Facsimile:        (716) 873-0004


ADDITIONS & NEW BUILDINGS. To secure a building permit, the applicant must submit plans, stamped/certified by a licensed professional engineer or architect, and three (3) copies of a property survey. Electrical and plumbing permits may be required as well. Commercial additions and new buildings require prior site plan approval.


DRIVEWAYS. A permit is required for a driveway. A copy of a survey is required.  All driveways must be properly pitched so as not to drain onto the adjacent property.


FENCES. You must obtain a fence permit in all instances, whether it be a new installation or a replacement installation. In order to complete the permit, you will need to provide information pertaining to the location, height and material of the fence. Three (3) copies of your survey print must accompany the permit application. Please note that fences located between houses cannot be located closer than 3 feet from the neighboring house.


FIRE PITS.  Under NYS law, there are restrictions on the use of open burning and recreational fires.  Under the Code, no recreational fire can be conducted within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material.  In addition, there is a prohibition for any open burning "that will be offensive or objectionable because of smoke or odor emissions...".  Please be aware of these restrictions if you have a fire pit.


GARAGES. A building permit is required, as well as Three (3) copies of the property survey, indicating the size and location of the garage. Detached garages must be located no closer than 3 feet from the side and rear property lines or closer than 6 feet from any other building on the lot. Detached garages cannot exceed 660 square feet or an average height of 12 feet.


RATS.  If you see a rat, please call the building department as soon as possible.  While the Village cannot bait your property, we will contact the County Animal Control Division and check for possible sources. You can help your neighborhood stay rat-free by following some simple steps (click here).


ROOFS. All re-roofing requires a permit. No more than two (2) layers of roofing can be installed on any roof.


SHEDS. Permits are required for all sheds and utility buildings, as well as a survey indicating the location and size of the shed. 


SMOKE DETECTORS & CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS. These detectors must be installed whenever a permit is issued for interior work to a structure. Smoke detectors are required on each floor level, each bedroom and in the common hallway to the bedrooms. Carbon Monoxide detectors are required on any level where there is a sleeping area.


SWIMMING POOLS. Both a building permit and electrical permit are required for the installation of both above- and in-ground pools, as well as for spas and hot tubs. Please note that before any action can be taken by the Building Department, the owner must have the pool location staked and contact National Grid (1-800-642-4272)  and request a Planner Review for Pool Clearance. National Grid will issue a letter of approval, which must be delivered to Building Department along with the permit.


ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS. Whenever a Building permit application is denied by the Building Inspector due to restrictions found in the Kenmore Municipal Code Zoning section, the applicant may appeal this determination and apply for hearing before the Kenmore ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS. The application fee that accompanies the request for a hearing is $50.00 for residential properties and $100.00 for commercial properties


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