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Village of Kenmore
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Kenmore, NY 14217
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July 29, 2023 - 10 AM - 4 PM

Delaware Avenue, between LaSalle and Victoria





Come join us for “Discover Kenmore”, which will feature a sidewalk sale

featuring Kenmore businesses and eateries, as well as many vendors! 

The event will also include artisans, home businesses, food, music, prizes

and lots of fun.


For more information about this event, or to sign up as a vendor, please contact the KBA at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Kenmore Business Association | Kenmore Business Association: Connecting you with potential customer and clients


Delaware Avenue will be closed to traffic, between LaSalle and Victoria, from

9 AM - 5 PM 

Make it a day to come and shop and dine in the Village of Kenmore!


A free concert will take place on the Municipal Green following the event!


This event is sponsored by the Kenmore Business Association (KBA).



For your protection, the Village requires all plumbers, electricians and contractors to be licensed through the Village.  In so doing, the Village has some background information on file with the Building Department and, in the case of Electricians and Plumbers, verification that your plumber or electrician has a basic knowledge and understanding of his/her profession.


It’s always best to contact the Building Department (716) 873-5700 if you are planning on doing any work on your property to ascertain what permits will be required.




Plumbers wishing to do work in the Village are required to file an application with the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office and pass an examination.  The Board of Trustees must approve each designation of Master Plumber.  The license is valid for one (1) calendar year. The Master Plumber’s license must be renewed annually.  The Board of Trustees may revoke or suspend any license for a violation of any state of local laws relating to plumbing or for work which constitutes a violation of the zoning ordinance.  The license may also be revoked or suspended if the plumber does work without first procuring any necessary permits.


For a current list of Master Plumbers, click here.


Plumbing Permits


Permits must be obtained for any plumbing work, except for the repair or replacement of existing facilities provided this work does not involve a change in a vent, trap or waste line.


Permits will only be issued to licensed plumbers.  Please note that homeowners can only obtain a permit for plumbing work if they own “owner occupied single family dwelling” and will be performing the work.


For a permit application, click here.




Electricians wishing to do work in the Village of Kenmore are required to file an application with the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office.  As in the case of Master Plumbers, electricians must also pass an examination administered by the Village. Only electricians who pass this examination can become licensed as Master Electricians in the Village.  The Board of Trustees must approve issuance of the license.  Licenses are valid for one (1) calendar year and must be renewed annually.  The license may be revoked or suspended by the Board of Trustees for violation of any laws pertaining to electricity or where work is performed without a permit and/or violates the zoning code.


For a current list of Master Electricians, click here.


Electrical Permits


Permits are required to install, alter or repair electrical wiring for light, hear or power.

Licensed (Master) Electricians may obtain permits for any electrical work.  In addition, permits may be issued to homeowners of single family homes who will be performing the work on that home.


For a permit application, click here.




If you are having any work done on your property which will require a building permit, your contractor will need to obtain a license to perform work in the Village of Kenmore.  Contractors must complete an application, submit proof of proper workers compensation and liability insurance, and provide proof of the existence of an escrow account.  The license is valid for one (1) calendar year and may be suspended or revoked for good cause.


Happy Holidays!



Friday, December 2, 2022 - 6 PM - 8 PM 


THANK YOU to everyone who made this year's event a success!  

Watson's Chocolates

YES Kids

Kenmore Fire Department


 Join us on the Village Green (corner of Delaware Road and Delaware Avenue) to kick-off the holiday season!!







Kenmore Municipal Green - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 


Live Ice Sculpture Demonstration

Carriage Rides*  


Old Fashion Sing-Along

Lighting of the Village Holiday Tree &



Santa will visit with the children INSIDE the Municipal Building

* Please note that carriage ride seating is limited.  Tickets will be distributed on a first come/first serve basis.  


CarolersSanta Driving






THANKS to the Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department for driving Santa to the event!!  














You can request information from the government under FOIL.  Requests are made in writing and are accepted by mail or email.  All requests must include the applicant’s name, address, and phone number, as well as what information is being requested.  Requests must be legible and specific.  For example, if you are requesting a fire report, you should include the address and date (or approximate date, if the exact date is unknown). 


The Clerk/Treasurer serves as Record Officer for the Village.  The Clerk/Treasurer will respond to the Request within five (5) business days from receipt of the written request.


Please note that some requests may be denied, if the request falls within the excluded information requests outlined in the law.  The Records Access Officer is charged with determining whether a request for information will be accepted or denied.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Village can only provide records in its possession.  We cannot create records, not already in existence.  Nor are we responsible to obtain records held by other agencies.


There is a charge of $.25/page for hard copies.  Checks are made payable to the “Village of Kenmore”.


Requests made through email will be responded to and delivered via email, unless the records are too large to send electronically, in which case you will have to pay to receive these documents.



To download an application, click here.


Please note that if your application request is denied, you have a right to appeal.  To appeal, you must provide a signed request for appeal.  The Records Access Officer must then provide a full explanation of the reason for denial within seven days of receipt.


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