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Pay Your Bill Online

Online Payment Link

Welcome to the online bill payment area. 


The Water Department will be accepting on-line payments for any water bills mailed AFTER 6/1/21 (Red postcards).  If you have a bill received before 6/1, you will be unable to use this feature until your next bill is issued.

Please note that on-line payments will have a service fee added to your payment total.  If you wish to avoid this service fee, you can continue to make payment via cash or check using the Drop Box (located on the Delaware Road side of the Municipal Building), US mail, or by stopping by Rm 17.




Remember to use your new account #.  On-line payment is only available to customers who received bills AFTER 6/1.  Bills issued before 6/1 are on our prior system, which did not include on-line payments.  When you get your next bill, you will have a new account number, and will be able to set up this feature.


New users who wish to register will click the Register button on the right side of the blue box to begin the registration process. Registered users may login using their username, their registered email address, and password on the left side of the blue box. Users who wish to pay their bills without registering may use the QuickPay option and click on the "Pay Bill Without Logging In" button just below the blue box.


1. To register, first time users are required to enter first name, last name, and email address. Close window.

2. Login to email to access temporary password link. Once password has been reset. Close window.

3. Access the Log in section on the main screen. Enter username and password.


You will receive a prompt letting you know that your registration was successful.


Link Bills At your first login or if you have no linked bills you will need to link a bill to your Online Bill Payment account. Select the Utility Bill link. You can link multiple bills and types to your account.

When you selected the Utility Bill link, it will display a screen with the owner name and the property address of the water account. Enter your Account Number as it appears on your bill. Then enter an Alias for this bill that will make it easy for you to remember the bill.  Examples of an alias would be Water or just Utilities. Click on the Next button to linking your bill


For QuickPay Choose Bill Click on the type of bill you wish to pay or click on the Cancel link to return to the Login page. Enter On the next screen displayed enter the Account number from your utility bill and then click on the Next button.


Remember that a convenience fee of 2.95% will be added to your bill, if you pay on line.



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