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Happy 4th of July!

The Clerk/Treasurer, Building, Court and DPW will be closed on Tuesday 7/4. The Village Board meeting is also cancelled for July 4th. 

Trash/Recycle pick up will be delayed one day for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday collection days.  Friday's trash collection will be on Saturday.

This week is a Recycle Collection week.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday! 


Farmer's Market continues each Sunday through October on the Municipal Green - 9 AM to 1PM.


Thanks to all who participated in Kenmore Days - volunteers, sponsors and of course, all of our residents who make Kenmore such a special place!!

The Village Clerk/Treasurer's Office, Justice Court, Building Department and DPW will be closed Monday, February 20th,  for President's Day.

Trash (Garbage and Recycle) pickup will be delayed one day throughout the week (ie:  Monday trash and recycle will be picked up on Tuesday)

Also, please remember that your County/Town tax payment is due by Wednesday, February 15th.  Your bill can be paid in the Town Clerk's Office - Room 14 of the Kenmore Municipal Building.

Week of 10/26 - No Recycle Collection



LEAF COLLECTION INFO - Do NOT rake leaves into the street.  This can cause flooding and slippery roads.  Please place leaves in your garbage tote, clear plastic bags or any open container.  The DPW will start leaf collection in mid October.  Once leaf collection has started, you can also rake leaves onto the grass area between the curb and the sidewalk.


EARLY VOTING in the Kenmore Municipal Building - you must be registered to vote in Erie County.  You do not have be a Village resident to vote here.  As long as you are registered to vote in Erie County, you can vote at this location.


10/26 - 10/30 - EARLY VOTING - noon - 9 PM

10/31 - 11/1 - EARLY VOTING - noon - 6 PM


ABSENTEE BALLOT APPLICATION - available in Rooms 14 & 17 in the Kenmore Municipal Building.  You must request your Absentee Application from the Board of Elections.

COMPLETED ABSENTEE BALLOTS can be returned to the Municipal Building.  Hand your sealed ballot to an election inspector or place in the designated box.   You can also mail your ballot to the Board of Elections.  DO NOT PLACE YOUR BALLOT in the Drop Box.


BUILDING DEPARTMENT PERMITS AVAILABLE ON-LINE.  Please go to Building Department/Permits & Waivers and you can down load the permit you need.  This includes Snow Plow Permits, electric and plumbing permits are all on line.  Completed applications can be placed, with required fees, in the Drop Box located on the Delaware Road side of the Building.  Be sure to mark your envelope "Village of Kenmore Building Department" 


SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES.  Our businesses are key to Kenmore's Walkable Community.  They pay taxes, too.  Please give them your support.  Eat in or take out at one of our restaurants or eateries.  Make a purchase at one of our shops.  Every cent spent in Kenmore helps our businesses to stay afloat at this difficult time.


Please visit to learn more as well as to access a free digital business kit that includes posters, signage and social media tools.



VILLAGE OFFICES ARE OPEN.  Limited hours 9 AM - 2 PM M-F ONLY, or by appointment. CASH payments ONLY.  Otherwise, please make payments or drop off permit applications via US Mail or using the Drop Box located on the Delaware Road side of the Building. 

NOTE: You will be required to wear a face mask, have your temperature taken and maintain proper social distancing inside the Municipal Building, including the Clerk/Treasurer's Office.


DEC News - as part of our Consent Order with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), we will be Smoke Testing on some properties.  This is being done to help identify possible problems with connections to our sewer system which result in clean water going into the sewer lines.  This can contribute to overflows and can also result in added costs to wastewater treatment.  No smoke testing will take place without your consent.  Work is being performed by CoreVIS, an outside contractor who specializes in this type of work.  You will receive notification and more information from CoreVIS if your property is identified as needing smoke testing. 


Please take a moment to look over the Sewer and Storm Water Info section for more information about the Village infrastructure and to learn how you can help.


CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION - While businesses are opening, COVID19 remains a real threat, especially to high-risk individuals.  Please follow social distancing rules and guidelines to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus. 


Things are constantly changing with respect to the virus.  The Village continues to coordinate with Erie County, the Town of Tonawanda and school officials and will advise of any updates.



TRASH UPDATE- For the safety of Village DPW employees, please be sure that your trash is contained in plastic bags before placing in you tote.  Loose items pose added risk of virus exposure to our crews. 


Kenmore Municipal Building is OPEN - 9 AM - 2 PM, M-F ONLY.  CASH PAYMENTS ONLY.  This includes the Clerk/Treasurer's Office, Water Department and Building Department.

Entry is through the main stairs (facing the Municipal Green) ONLY.

All visitors MUST wear a mask.

Social Distancing rules apply - minimum of 6 feet distance at all times.

Appointments are recommended.  To make an appointment, please call 873-5700 during regular business hours.  Village offices accepting CASH payments only.  All other payments or drop offs should be made via US mail or using the Drop Box located on the Delaware Road side of the Building.

Walk ins will only be allowed to enter Village offices between 9 AM and 2 PM - CASH payments only.


In order to minimize risk of exposures, the following is recommended:


Use the Drop Box located on the Delaware Road side of the Building to submit forms or make water payments.  NOTE:  Cash payments are strongly discouraged and all payments MUST be in a sealed envelope, clearly marked for the Village of Kenmore

Mail payments if you're unable to use the Drop Box. 

Check the website or call the Clerk's Office (716) 873-5700 for information.


Water Bills should be paid by mail or using the Drop Box located on the Delaware Road side of the building.


Water Account Open/Close - please contact the department 873-5700.  During this time we will be taking initial intake information by phone or via email.  You will also need to provide a photo of your inside meter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please provide the name(s) of the owners, phone (landline and cell #s), email addresses for all owners, and a contact name and phone/cell # for an emergency contact.  During this time, fees will be added to your next water bill.

Building Permits should be applied and paid for by mail only.  Please contact the building department to get forms mailed and fee information.


Building Inspections will be scheduled and take place between 8 AM - 12 noon only.  Please call (716) 873-5700


Sump pump inspections for closings are on Emergency basis.  Applicants are encouraged to secure a Waiver in order to close.


Sr. Nutrition Program - CLOSED .  Meals on Wheels will provide home delivery of meals but you will need to call Meals on Wheels to make a reservation.

Kenmore Community Center - CLOSED.  All Community events taking place at the Center are closed

Kenmore Justice Court - OPEN.  Social Distancing and other protective measures in place.


You are strongly encouraged to minimize your exposure to others.  Avoid any unnecessary trips. Social Distancing is a must!!



Erie County COVID-19 Info Line   716 858-2929 

NYS Department of Health           888 364-3065

NYS Unemployment Hotline         888 209-8124

ConnecLife Blood Donations         716 529-4270

National Fuel                              800 365-3234

National Grid                              800 867-5222

KenTon Schools                          716 874-8400

KenTon Meals on Wheels             716 874-3595




Erie County Coronavirus Information Site


New York State Dept. of Health Coronavirus Information Site    



The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) federal disaster loan program has been approved for all counties in NYS and is available for applications.  Low-interest loans for working capital are available to small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, small aquaculture businesses and most private non-profit organizations suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout New York State.


Information on the program, how to apply, and a webinar can be found on ESD’s website located here:





IMPORTANT: NYS Department of Labor offering Saturday hours (7:30am – 8:00pm) for telephone filing of unemployment insurance claims. For more information go to  Towards the top you will see a link for “Unemployment Insurance”, click that on and you will see helpful information.



To minimize your exposure, you should:


*Wash Hands with antibacterial soap for a minimum of 20 seconds

*Cover your mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze - and then throw the tissue in the trash

*Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands

*Avoid close contact with people who are sick

*Stay home if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms

*Clean and disinfect any surface or object this is frequently touched such as tables, countertops, light switches, doorknobs, cabinet handles

*Social Distancing is a must - keep 6 feet minimum distance between you and anyone else.


If you show any signs of Coronavirus, you should TELEPHONE your doctor - do not go to the office.  STAY INSIDE & STAY AWAY FROM OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS.  Your doctor will advise you as to what else you should do.



HIGH WINDS - In the event of high winds you are asked not to put out trash and recycle totes.  If you need to place out your totes, please do so as late as possible (no later than 7 AM on your collection day) and return the totes from the curb as soon as possible.


National Grid requests that you report any outages to your home at 1-800-867-5222.


KENMORE SAFE CAM - the Kenmore Police Department is introducing Safe Cam which allows all Kenmore residents and businesses to register your outside security cameras which may help deter crime and assist the KPD in crime prevention strategies.

To Register, click on Police Department/Safe Cam/Registration.  There is no cost and all information will be kept confidential.  You can cancel your registration at any time. 

More information about Safe Cam, including the registration info, can be found on this website under Police/SafeCam

The KPD will only contact you if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your security cameras.  Your video may help in criminal investigations.



Upcoming Community Events : 

None at this time.


NOTE:  The Village will not be accepting any requests for block party or other events at this time.  Any block party or community event approvals previously issued, are withdrawn at this time.



 CAPITAL PROJECTS 2020 - Investing in Kenmore!!


Euclid & Warren Street Milling/Pavement - Milling and Repaving of parts of Euclid and Warren. Completed.


Wardman Street Reconstruction - between Myron and Colvin, this project includes new water, sewer, storm lines, new curbs and sidewalks and new street.  Estimated Cost: $2.5M.  In Progress.  

Tree planting will take place in the Fall 2020.  Trees will be planted the week of 10/26/20.  The Village will select and plant the trees.  Property owners are not allowed to plant trees in this area.


Sanitary Sewer Improvements - lining of sanitary trunk sewers and manhole rehabilitation to eliminate inflow and infiltration sources.  Estimated cost:  $1.7M.  On-going


Delaware Avenue Bump out.  NYS DOT has begun work on Delaware Avenue near Victoria installing a bump out.  This Right of Way bump out will allow pedestrians using the crosswalk to have greater visibility to traffic.  A pedestrian-activated signal will also be installed once the project is completed.  This project will help to improve safety to all those using the crosswalk.  Completed


Municipal Building stairs will be replaced. Completed


Recycle Collection Dates - WEEK OF:



October 26 - No Recycle Collection

November 1 - Recycle!

November 8 - No Recycle Collection - No Collection on 11/11.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday collections delayed 1 day.

November 15 - Recycle!

November 22 - No Recycle Collection - No collection on 11/26.  Thursday and Friday collections delayed 1 day.

November 29 - Recycle!


The New Recycle Calendar is available on line 

You can download and print the calendar at the following site (also found under "Public Works/Recycle Calendar" on this website:

Hard copies are available at the Clerk/Treasurer's office - Rm 17 of the Kenmore Municipal Building.


KENMORE POLICE WARNING - Please remember to lock you car!  There have been reported break-ins of unlocked cars.


STAR INFO:  If you are a new homeowner, please remember to go online and apply for STAR as soon as possible. STAR provides SCHOOL tax relief to NYS residents. The STAR application can be found at the link below:



If you see a rat on your property, immediately contact ERIE COUNTY VECTOR CONTROL at 716/961-6800.  Only the County can bait your property.  Please note that they cannot bait inside your home or garage, so if you see a rat inside a structure, you will need to hire a pest-control company to bait these spaces.  The Village cannot bait properties.  You can help:


  1. KEEP THE LID CLOSED!  This simple step will eliminate access to your garbage (a primary rodent food source).

  2. PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET.  Pick up any animal waste in your yard. This is also a food source for rats.

  3. RAISE WOOD PILES OFF OF THE GROUND  Rats like to live in wood piles.

  4. SKIP THE BIRDSEED!  Bird seed (and bread) spills over onto the ground attracting rats. Please note that under Erie County and Village law, bird feeders can only be used which are designed to prevent seed from dropping out of the feeder.

  5. CUT DOWN WEEDS.  Overgrowth of weeds is a prime harbor for rats. Please cut down weeds located on your property. Typical problem areas include that space behind your garage and around/between fences.

  6. DON'T ALLOW WATER TO POOL/COLLECT.  especially during dry spells. Rats are looking for water sources and a puddle area on your driveway or patio will attract them. Do not leave out water for your pets or for birds as this will attract rats, too.

  7. LET US KNOW IF YOU SEE A RAT– Or if you observe your neighbors violating any of the above steps. While the Village cannot bait, we may be able to help identify the source location of the rats and will send out literature to advise your neighbors to the problem and to remind them of steps needing to be taken to get rid of the problem.

  8. DON'T LEAVE FOOD or WATER OUTSIDE FOR CATS or DOGS - Leaving food/water outside for animals is an invitation to rats!  It's also illegal to ground feed animals.


Seeking your help in the event of bad weather.

High winds:  Please bring totes in as soon as possible and please pick up any debris that might have fallen out if your tote tipped over.






All peddlers are required to obtain a permit from the Village to conduct door to door business.  You can ask to see this permit.  If a peddler cannot produce a permit, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer's Office (873-5700) or the Kenmore Police (875-1234) so that we can follow-up on this.


If you do not wish to have peddlers come to your home, simply post a sign on your door to that effect.

We recommend that you do not invite peddlers into your home, and that you do not give any personal information or cash to a peddler.

You can request that a peddler leave.


Any problems, please contact the Kenmore Police Department, as soon as possible - 716 875-1234.


For more information on Peddlers, please check out the Kenmore Municipal Code, Chapter 16.



WARNING -  Phone scam alerts

Do not give out any information from any caller from National Grid.  Village residents have been receiving calls from persons stating that they are from National Grid, and that without an immediate payment, the utility will be turned off.  DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION.  Utility Companies cannot turn off electric or gas service without prior written notification.


Do not reply to any phone call/voicemail requesting information from the CITY of Kenmore.  There is a scam where the caller says they are calling to get permission to release information on file with the CITY of Kenmore (not the Village).  The voicemail requests a call-back to an 855 exchange and even gives a reference number.  The Village of Kenmore would not make such a call.  We also do not have a toll-free number.  Please contact the Kenmore Police Department if you should receive a call requesting personal information over the phone (716/875-1234)


NEVER provide personal information over the phone, especially social security number, credit card number or bank account information.   


HIGH TEMPS - Things you can do to help:


Stay Hydrated - drink lots of water

Don't leave children and pets in your car

Help avoid brown outs - turn off/down your air conditioning while you're out of the house to conserve energy.  Report outages to National Grid at 1-800-867-5222.

Check in on your neighbors, especially those without air conditioning.





SNOW/ICE.  Please remember that snow cannot be shoveled into the street.  Property owners are responsible for keeping their sidewalk clear of ice and snow.  Please help keep fire hydrants clear of snow.  In an emergency, every second counts!



















The Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department is holding its annual Chicken BBQ dinner on Sunday, February 19th.  Presale tickets are $9/meal.  Tickets purchased the day of the event are $10/meal.  Drive thru only.  Meals can be picked up between 11:30 - 5:30 at the Fire Hall - 16 Nash Road.

Pre-sale tickets may be purchased at the Fire Hall or in Room 3 of the Kenmore Municipal Building.

Help support our volunteer firefighters!


Village Offices (Clerk/Treasurer, Court, Building Department, Water Department) will be closed Friday April 14th.  There will be NO change to Trash/Garbage/Recycle collection schedule.

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