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Village of Kenmore
2919 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217
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Police Officer Brian Zoldowski


(716) 875-1234

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The KENMORE CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY  is designed to foster greater understanding and appreciation for the work done by the Kenmore Police Department in hopes that the Police and the public will work together to provide for the safety and peace of the Kenmore community. It provides Kenmore residents and business persons an opportunity to learn more about the Kenmore Police Department through an informational and interactive educational program that explores the daily operation and services provided by the Police Department. Throughout this eleven (11) week program, participants will engage in interactive instruction both in and out of the classroom setting. Since its inception, the Citizen Police Academy has had over 200 attendees.



Class instruction includes:

  • A tour of headquarters
  • Recruitment
  • Drug Awareness
  • Fire arms/range
  • Accident Investigations
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Juvenile Aid Bureau
  • Criminal Law
  • 911 Dispatch
  • Family Offenses and Domestic Violence
  • K-9
In addition, students will participate in:
  • Patrol Ride Along


The program is taught by Kenmore Police Officers and is free of charge.


The Citizen's Police Academy began in 2001. Since that time, graduates of the program have formed the CITIZEN'S POLICE ACADEMY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. The Alumni Association hopes that its efforts will promote the Citizen's Police Academy and the excellent service and commitment of the Kenmore Police Department. Through working together, the Citizen's Police Academy Alumni and the Kenmore Police Department hope to encourage community interest and support for law enforcement and that through this effort citizens will be served more effectively, crime will be reduced and the Kenmore community will be safer.

The Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association will be gathering together socially and to provide community service designed to foster community interest in law enforcement. For example, the Alumni Association, in conjunction with the Masons, will sponsor a Family ID Video Program during KENMORE DAYS. This free service will provide free video record of children or any other family member to assist authorities in the event that person is missing.

The Kenmore Citizen's Police Academy is designed to foster greater understanding and appreciation for the work done by the Kenmore Police Department in hopes that the Police and the public will work together to provide for the safety and peace of the Kenmore community.

If you have any questions, please contact Lt. Dave Lewandowski at 875-1234 or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Anyone interested in the Citizen's Police Academy should complete the Application Request Form.

Special Board Meetings/Cancellation of Meetings/Closures, etc. are listed here:

The Kenmore Police Department has moved to 135 Wilber (Kenmore Community Center).


The Winter Parking Ban has been lifted.  You may park on the street overnight.  Please note that the ban can be placed back into effect in the event of bad weather.

Please check this website and the KPD FaceBook page for additional updates. 


4/8/24 - Senior Nutrition Program is cancelled.



This includes the Building Department, Water Department and Clerk/Treasurer's Office.

Payment can also be made using US mail, or the Drop Box located on the Delaware Road side of the Municipal Building.



All visitors will enter via the Main Entrance only and report to the security guard.




Building Department - 8 AM - 4:00 PM M-F

Clerk/Treasurer's Office - 8 AM - 4:00 PM M-F

Community Center - 8 AM - 2:30 PM M-F

Public Works - 7 AM - 3 PM M-F

Justice Court - see court hours under "Justice Court" 

Juvenile Aid Office - New location at the Kenmore Community Center, 135 Wilber

Sr. Nutrition Program - Meals served noon - 1 PM.  Advance Registration required for meals and the van service.

Water Department - 8 AM - 4:00 PM M-F


WATER UPDATE - You can pay your water bill online.  There will be a service fee to use this payment method.  Service Charges are collected by the web service provider, not the Village of Kenmore.

      Click here to pay your water bill online.


NEW RESIDENTS:  You need to set up your water account.  Please complete the application below, including emergency contact.  Sign and return the application to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

       Download Water Application (PDF) 

To avoid interruption in service, please return the application the week before your closing.


The Village of Kenmore, New York was incorporated in 1899. The Village is situated just north of Buffalo, New York with the Town of Tonawanda surrounding it on all other sides. The Village is approximately 1.2 square miles and has a population of approximately 15,500.

Kenmore is divided into five zoning districts: single family residential, 1-2 family residential, General Business, Restricted Business and Industrial use. 


 Mailing Information

Village of Kenmore
2919 Delaware Avenue - Room 17
Kenmore, NY 14217


 Phone - Fax - Email Information

Phone: (716) 873-5700
Fax: (716) 873-0004
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 Building Closing Information

The Kenmore Clerk/Treasurer's Office, Building Department, Justice Court and Department of Public Works are closed on the following days:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr Day - Garbage/Recycle will be collected on this date.
  • President's Day
  • Good Friday * - Garbage/Recycle will be collected on this date.
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous People's Day/Columbus Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving - The Clerk/Treasurer, Building and Court offices will also be closed the Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas


In addition, the DPW closes at 11:00 AM on December 24th and 31st. Clerk/Treasurer's Office, Water Department and Building Department close at 11:30 AM .  The Court will close at noon on those dates.


If your garbage day falls on a holiday, your trash will be collected the next day, and the trash collection schedule for the rest of the week will be delayed by one day beginning the day of the holiday.  For example, if the holiday falls on a Monday, all trash collection for the week will be delayed by one day (Monday trash picked up on Tuesday....Friday trash collected on Saturday).  If the holiday falls on a Wednesday, for example, only trash collection for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be delayed one day. 


PLEASE NOTE:  If the holiday falls on a Friday, there will be no change in the collection schedule unless noted above.

* Garbage will be collected on Good Friday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Senior Nutrition Program.  Kenmore Community Center, 135 Wilber.  Van service is available to bring seniors to/from the meal program.

Advance registration is required for both the meal and van service.  Please call (716) 873-7500 or (716) 873-5700 to make your reservations. 




No parking is allowed in Village streets between 2 AM - 6 AM to allow for snow removal.  Please use common sense and get cars off the street as soon as possible during any snow event, regardless of time of day or whether the ban is in effect.  This allows snow plows to clear streets as soon as possible.

Also, don't show or plow snow into the street.  This is illegal, and results in addition time to plow streets.

You should always assume the ban is in place, despite the weather, unless you receive specific updates from the Village to the contrary.  Updates will be ONLY posted on the KPD Face Book page and on this website under the "Announcement Banner" at the top of the page in red.  

The Ban is not based on the weather.   


2 AM - 6 AM

November 15 - March 15 


   *Please note that, under the Village Code, off-street parking rules may be implemented at any time to address snow removal or other emergencies.


* The Winter Parking Ban runs 11/15 - 3/15.  You should always assume that the Ban is in place (despite the weather) unless you receive specific directions from the Village to the contrary. 

Notice of any changes will be posted on the KPD FaceBook page Village of Kenmore Police Department | Facebook , and on this website in the "Announcement" banner at the top.  Violators will be ticketed.


BLOCK PARTIES.  All block party requests need to be approved by the Village Board.  Please submit a letter of request to the Clerk/Treasurer at least 1 month before your requested date.  Do NOT submit to the Town of Tonawanda.  Requests can also be made via email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please include the street (and side street boundaries of your block), the date requested (and rain date, if applicable) and a contact name, address and phone number.  In order to receive timely approval for your block party request, please submit your request at least 1 month before the date requested.  Do NOT submit your request to the Town of Tonawanda.


EMPLOYMENT - Many jobs in the Village of Kenmore are competitive civil service positions. In order to be considered for any competitive positions, you will need to take a Civil Service Test and be on a Civil Service list under the appropriate job title.  Contact Erie County Personnel for information as to when tests are offered.  Competitive positions are canvassed in accord with Civil Service Rules.

If you are interested in a non-competitive position, you can fill out an Employment Application at either the DPW or at the Clerk/Treasurer's Office.  Non-competitive positions include DPW and part-time jobs. 



COVID Home Test Kits and KN95 masks are available at the KPD on a first come/first serve basis, while supplies last.  Village residents only.

COVID Home Test Kits are also available at the Kenmore Municipal Building lobby, while supplies last.



VILLAGE HISTORIAN: Marjorie Murray   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The Village of Kenmore is "Buffalo's First Suburb". Following the Civil War, the City of Buffalo's population grew tremendously. With the invention of electric streetcars, people were able to live outside of walking distance from their jobs. By 1888, L.P.A. Eberhardt purchased land just north of the Buffalo border and began to build a home.  Churches were erected beginning in 1891 and the first Village store was opened in 1897.

The first school was erected in 1892. The Kenmore Union School was built where the Municipal Building now stands. The school was utilized until 1911 when the Washington School was opened.

In 1889, the Village boasted a horse-drawn omnibus, which ran up and down Delaware Avenue at no charge to passengers. Lots sold for $250.00 and by 1890 nearly 300 people called Kenmore home. There were no sidewalks, streetlights or sewers. Drinking water was scarce and there were only dirt roads.

By 1899, the Village had enough residents to qualify for legal incorporation. 313 persons signed the proposition calling for incorporation. An election was held and the Village was incorporated on September 5, 1899.

The Fire Department was established in 1903 and the Kenmore Police Department was created in 1919.



Former Village Historian, Frederick Parkhurst, explained how the Village was named “Kenmore” in his 1925 book, History of Kenmore. The book explains that Louis Eberhardt, known as the Father of Kenmore, opposed naming the Village “Eberhardt”.  He was responsible for buying up farmland and subdividing the property into a suburban development.  The building which is portrayed on the Village logo is of the Eberhardt  Mansion, located at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Kenmore Avenue. 

The following is an excerpt from Mr. Parkhurst’s book: 

It was proposed calling the village "Eberhardt" ; but firmly
and modestly Mr. Eberhardt said, "No, they might nickname it
'Dutchtown'." But the real reason was Mr. Eberhardt's aversion
to personal publicity and display. The Erie Railroad was
building a station at this time in the north-east section of
Buffalo near Main Street and had chosen the name "Kenmore",
but Mr. Eberhardt with an ear for euphony, appropriated
the name for the fast growing community and the name
"Kensington" was attached to the Erie Station. A sign bearing
the name "KENMORE" was placed at the intersection of Delaware
and Kenmore Avenues, where all who ran might read.

There are several places called Kenmore in the United States,
notably Kenmore in Fairfax County, Va., the home of Washington’s
sister, and a village in Ohio. Probably both these
places, our own village, and other places so named, took their
name from a small island on the south-west coast of Ireland;
or from a village in Scotland.


Kenwood Rd was called Cattaraugus Avenue

Delwood Rd was called Chautauqua Avenue

Westgate Rd was called Commonwealth Avenue

Argonne Dr was called Linden Avenue

Wardman Rd was called Cornell Avenue

Nash Rd was called Michigan Avenue

Chapel Rd was called Jefferson Avenue

Landers was called Madison Avenue

North End Avenue was called Prospect Avenue

Kenmore Avenue was called East and West Kenmore

Mang Avenue was called Cooke

Victoria was called Ullman

Lincoln Blvd was called Walker.

Crosby Avenue was called East Wabash

Keller was called Prescott Avenue

Kenton was called Miller - Sterling

Delaware Avenue was called West Delaware

Delaware Road was called East Delaware

Parkwood was called East Tremaine

Washington was called Prairie

East Girard was called Perrin

Columbia was called Kelso

Palmer was called Paige


Did you know that there are no Streets in Kenmore?  All of our streets are Roads, Avenues, or Boulevards.




The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) conducts hearings wherein an applicant is appealing the determination of the Building Inspector. Usually, the Zoning Board will review applicant requests for a Use Variance or Area Variance. A variance, when granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals, gives the applicant the legal authority to do something otherwise not permitted under the existing zoning requirements. In reviewing cases, the Zoning Board must follow rules and regulations established under the Village Law and other applicable laws which have been established by the New York State Legislature.

An Applicant may apply for a hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals only after receiving notice from the Building Department that a particular action is in violation of the zoning laws for the Village of Kenmore. Applicants need to pay a fee and forward a formal request for a hearing. The Letter of Request should include the following information:

1. Name and address of the owner/applicant
2. Property address
3. A description of the project for which the applicant is seeking a variance (i.e. house addition, signage for a business, etc.)
4. Copies of any property surveys

If the applicant is not the owner of the property, the Letter of Request must include a letter from the owner authorizing the applicant to seek relief from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Zoning Board of Appeals may require additional information before scheduling a hearing.

Once the Letter of Request is received, a hearing date will be set and the applicant will be notified. Hearings before the Zoning Board of Appeals are held in the Council Chambers of the Kenmore Municipal Building, 2919 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, New York.

Notice of the Hearing will be published by the Village within 5 days of the Hearing. In addition, the Village of Kenmore will provide notice to surrounding properties located within 100 feet of the subject property. Hearings are open to the public. 


The next ZBA Meeting is scheduled for: 


11/8/23 - 5:30 PM  Re:  211 Stillwell Area Variance Request.


Minutes for ZBA meetings are currently not available on-line.  If you are interested in obtaining ZBA minutes, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer's Office at (716) 873-5700.

Zoning Board Members must be Village residents and are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Trustees. Each member is appointed to a three (3) year term.  Alternates are appointed to 1 year terms. 

Current Zoning Board members:

Herbert Flemming, Chair         Term expires 6/25



Raymond McCabe                    Term expires 6/23


Gerry Catalano                          Term expires 6/25


Phil Streubel                              Term expires 6/24



Kenmore Municipal Building
2919 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, New York 14217

Telephone: (716) 873-5700
Facsimile: (716) 873-0004


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