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Village of Kenmore
2919 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217
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(716) 873-5700
(716) 873-0004

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WILLIAM DRENKO, 1st Assistant Chief


DAVID McGREGOR, 2nd Assistant Chief 


KENNETH BUTKOWSKI, II, Senior Firefighter







16 Nash Road

Kenmore, New York  14217




Phone: (716) 875-3274





The Kenmore Fire Department is charged with protecting the lives and property of Kenmore residents and businesses.  The Fire Department is comprised of both paid firefighters and volunteers.  In addition to serving the Village of Kenmore, the Department also protects 3 districts located in the Town of Tonawanda.  There are currently 60 active volunteer members.


In addition to serving the public through fire fighting and first aid, the Kenmore Fire Department also sponsors and/or participates in many community service activities.  For example, the Department hosts a Halloween Party for area children, provides holiday gift baskets and food for the needy, and donates countless hours to help with Kenmore Days, the Holiday Sing Along and Santa’s Arrival.  The Department also provides trucks for Village Block Parties upon request.


For more information about the Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department, click here




The Kenmore Fire Department was established in 1903. The original Fire Hall shared space with the Village offices at 2831 Delaware Avenue, near Warren Avenue.  The building was purchased for $2,285 by Jacob B. Rickert.  The first chief was Frank C. Stillwell.


The Fire Department moved to its current location on Nash Road in 1929.  This building originally housed both the fire and police departments.  The Kenmore Police Department moved to its current location on  Elmwood Avenue in 1951.


A bell, located in the belfry of the Methodist Church served as the original fire alarm for the Village.  In 1904 the Village Board authorized the purchase of its own bell, which sounded alarms until 1917.  This bell is now located at 16 Nash Road as a historic reminder of the Fire Department’s history.  Later an electric alarm system was installed which consisted of twelve boxes located in various sections of the Village.  This system enabled all alarms to sound when any one alarm was activated.  An air blast alarm system was initiated in 1934 and was utilized until 1981.  Kenmore was the first Tonawanda fire department to utilize home receivers.


The first equipment consisted of a hand-drawn hose cart and tools.  Most members would run to the fire hall to get their equipment and would then run to the fire.  The first piece of motorized equipment was purchased in 1918.  All equipment was hand drawn until 1919.


There have been two firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty to the Kenmore Fire Department.  These men will always be remembered for their service and dedication to this community.


Past Chief Chester A. Long – April 9, 1959

Firefighter Timothy M. Goff – May 24, 1997


MICHAEL D. BERNS, Building Inspector

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The Village of Kenmore Building Department is comprised of a full-time Building Inspector, a part-time inspector, 4 part-time Code Enforcement Officers, and a part time Plumbing and Electrical Inspector. Together these individuals perform inspections required under the New York State Fire and Building Code and address complaints pertaining to violations of the New York State Building and Property Maintenance Code and the Kenmore Municipal Code.


The Village is ever mindful of the importance of maintaining properties in Kenmore's 100+ year old community. Daily foot inspections are made to assure that properties are kept up and in compliance with all applicable regulations. Notices are sent to advise owners and residents of any items needing to be addressed. Last year, the Building Department answered 1154 complaints and inspected an additional 1250 residential properties in Kenmore.


In addition to inspections, the Building Department is also responsible for issuing building permits, inspecting construction work, approving and issuing sump pump certificates, issuing Certificates of Compliance, Electrical and Plumbing permits, and sign permits.




The Building Department is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 


BUILDING INSPECTIONS: Please contact the Building Department to schedule an appointment or an inspection.


M-T inspection hours are 3:00 - 5:00.  Transfer of property inspections are performed only during these times.

Additional Plumbing Inspections: M:  9 AM - 3 PM, W:  9 AM - 3 PM and F: After 3:30.

Additional Electrical Inspections:  Th after 3:00.


ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING INSPECTIONS: Monday and Tuesday 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., by appointment only.


To make arrangements for an appointment, please call the Building Department at 873-5700.




Kenmore Municipal Building - Room 17
2919 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, New York 14217


Telephone: (716) 873-5700
Facsimile: (716) 873-0004



Please be aware that, under New York State Building Code, Section 307:  Open Burning and Recreational Fires, there are restrictions on the use of open burning.  Under the Code, no recreational fire can be conducted within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material.  In addition, there is a prohibition for any open burning "that will be offensive or objectionable because of smoke or odor emissions...".  Please be aware of these restrictions if you have a fire pit.



Under the International fire code, Sec. 308.1.4, Open flame cooking devices shall not be operated on combustible balconies.  The only exception is that grills can be placed on balconies of 1 and 2 family dwellings only.










Kenmore Police Department




Police Headquarters


Thomas J. Phillips      
Chief of Police
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William Phillips     
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AJ Kiefer


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Kenmore Police Department
2395 Elmwood Avenue
Kenmore, New York 14217


Phone & Fax

Telephone: (716) 875-1234
Fax: (716) 875-2779


Services provided through the Kenmore Police Department


Citizen's Police Academy
Contact: Lt. David Lewandowski                   
(716) 875-1234

Juvenile Aid Bureau
Contact: Detective Doug Rich
(716) 875-1414

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Every day, distracted driving kills more than 9 people and injures more than 1,100.  According the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it accounts for more than 1.5 million collisions/yr.

TALKING or TEXTING - Using a cell phone impairs driver reaction time to the same level as the legal limit for impaired driving.  You are 23 times more likely to crash if you're texting.


Please remember that any kind of multi-tasking should be avoided while driving.  Keep your attention on the road.  Eliminate driver distractions that keep your eyes off the road, whether it be personal maintenance, rubber-necking, texting (or using a hand-held phone), or adjusting your radio, iPod or GPS.    If you need to address any of these things, PULL OVER and stop in a safe place.



Village of Kenmore offices & departments

Building Department  (716) 873-5700
Clerk/Treasurer Office (716) 873-5700
Community Center (716) 873-0737
Department of Public Works (716) 875-0527
Electrical Inspector (716) 873-5700
Fire Department (716) 875-3274
Justice Court (716) 873-4554
Juvenile Aid Bureau (716) 875-1414
Mayor (716) 873-5700
Plumbing Inspector (716) 873-5700
Police Department (716) 875-1234
Senior Nutrition Program (716) 873-7500
Trustees (716) 873-5700
Village Attorney (716) 873-5700
Water Department (716) 873-5700


Other numbers for the Kenmore area

Village of Kenmore (716) 873-5700
Erie County Board of Elections (716) 858-8891
Erie County General Information (716) 858-6000
Erie County Legislator Hardwick (716) 858-8672
NYS Assemblyman Schimminger (716) 873-2540
Kenmore Housing Authority (716) 874-6000
Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce (716) 874-1202
Ken-Ton School District

(716) 874-8400

Town of Tonawanda (716) 877-8800


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